Justin.tv Website Review - the easiest way to create live video and show

www.justin.tv - I thought to write you today about the easiest way to create live video and show. JTV website review - Justin TV. (www.justin.tv) The website that allows users to make and upload their own ‘live’ streaming videos. User accounts are called channels just like in the other online video sites.

All users who have accounts there are allowed to broadcast a wide variety of their self-generated video content. Like it is bound to happen with such online video sites, JTV - justin.tv too has been marred by controversy; for example, when a viewer committed suicide while other viewers were watching.

But all said, it has done more good than harm. The good thing about this site and apparently this is what has made it so popular is that it does not cost anyone anything to sign up. In addition, you can broadcast to an unlimited number of people, for free.

All broadcasters and users are warned that the site might contain explicit materials; and therefore, only 18years old and over registered users can access it. Pornography, copyright, violations and criminally inclined videos are banned from JTV.

This popular concept of life casting was started by the original founder and owner of JTV Justin Kan. He wore a web camera on his baseball cap and used a laptop backup system; and thus armed, he began streaming live videos in 2007.

When Justin stopped broadcasting his life later in 2007, JTV began work in its current form, becoming a video networking site for thousands of users. The idea of life casting was made popular when Justin attracted a lot of attention from the media.

From the time that Justin turned JTV into an open for all, it has continually gained publicity and today, it has users from as far as Australia, Asia, South America and other far lands accessing it. 

The simplicity of JTV is what makes it popular. It uses a plug in browser which is available in 97% of all computers. Just to say a little about JTV website review, the revolution has just started.