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Rachel Raywww.rachelray.com Rachelray.com has all the information you've been looking for, like, recipes, travel, YUM-O, pets, kids, informations, pictures, her TV cooking show and links to her Talk show and much more. You will find lots of good stuff on her website www.rachelray.com. If you want to find a good restaurant that Rachel Ray likes or get one of her new recipes, just click on recipes and Restaurant. You will also find information about her non-profit group for promoting healthy relationships between kids and food. You can even Sign-up for Rach's b-day card. There is a link from her talk show official website where you can sign up for their newsletter and then you are invited to enter to win Rachel Ray Giveaways Sweepstakes. Nice and well build website with a lot of content at RachaelRayShow.com

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Anonymous said...

I just love her, I'm huge fan of rachaelrayshow and also her website rachaelrayshow.com

Anonymous said...

I would love for Rachel Ray to know that my son is probaly her youngest fan.Michael is three years old and loves to cook like her. When she starts cooking,he goes and pulls out all of his pots and pans and wants us to put water so he can make pasta. Michael has to watch her every day and he gets very upset when she goes off.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said, I just want rachel to know that i watch her show everyday, and i have also got her cookbook and it really help's me cook for my 5 children and myself... so please know that rachel is changeing people's life

ty your fan.