Are the Bioidentical Hormones Dangerous to Health?

Are the Bioidentical Hormones Dangerous to Health? The Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy - Take Estrace, for example. This product contains Oestradiol hormone, the human's estrogen most powerful whose principal role is to help the growth of the functional endometery during the menstrual cycle by stimulating cellular multiplication. By definition, it is an estrogen which can accelerate a disordered cellular multiplication (thus cancer) in the cells which are already weakened genetically for various reasons: pollution, stresses, bad food, etc Moreover, the estrogen taken in the form of pills are very bad for the liver. It is much better, as many experts says, to take hormones in the form of creams, of gel or patch applied to skin. But warning: estrogen patch and the gel prescribed can contain oestradiol - Estradiol. It is important to be aware that pharmaceutical Estrogens, bio identical hormones or not, were recently added to American list of substances that are possibly carcinogenic for humans (Breast Cancer). The Bio-identical Hormones are under assault by the FDA, which recently tried to outlaw them by threatening compounding pharmacies that were selling them as an alternative to conventional HRT drugs.

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