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www.pch.com Cash Sweepstakes Instant. I was wondering, if there is anyone out there that has ever won a cash prize from PCH Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes at www.pch.com, please leave a comment here. I'm just really curious to know. I'm a Part-time Working at Home Mom and I have some spare time to spend during the afternoon when kids are at school, so since a few months now I've been doing online sweepstakes (with some little luck). I know that PCH Cash Sweepstakes have been online for a long time. I've entered their contest repeatedly without purchasing anything, and I have also entered at times and purchased mags, and other stuff. Not lucky yet! They indeed award astonishing prizes to many fortunate winners. And they give away the prizes recurrently. Nevertheless, my chances of being among those lucky winners are not sky high. I think only my leisure time might be invested in it.

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Anonymous said...

I have received an urgent note card with the alert code being W4288. I called, but could not get anyone. Some kind of scam, maybe?

I have never heard of anyone in this area winning anything. I have ordered for PCH for many years and have never won anything.

Anonymous said...

English language is not my primary language, however I can comprehend this while using google translator. Fantastic post, keep them coming! Thanks for your time!