VLCD Diet - Very Low Calorie Diet

VLCD Diet or Very Low Calorie Diet : This diet plans for men and women exists since a long time and is also known under the name of Hypo Caloric Diet. No fast loss pill weight with this one, on the contrary this diet program consists, for someone, to create an energy deficit by decreasing its caloric intake, which will force the body to withdraw the energy it needs for living from the fats. This method, must contain 800 calories and we need to add vitamins, minerals and proteins with three meals per day.

Gradual weigh loss of approximately a pound per week
From the beginning, people change their alimentary habits
Avoids the frustration of the fasting
It is convivial

Weigh loss is slow with this nutrition diet plan
We must weigh food
We must calculate all the portions
People lose motivation - abandonment is high

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Anonymous said...

Very Low Calorie Diet have great for me.

Anonymous said...

VLCD Diet is a good weight loss diet program.