Personality Colors

The colors are everywhere, they influence not only our mood and our behaviors but also our personality. The red evokes passion and taking risk, brown credibility and stability, yellow the dynamism and the love of life, etc... This way each individual can be related quite precisely with colors. Often the character traits of the personality are defined by colors… We all know that the following colors are associated with feelings: “being red of anger”, “the bed of roses”, “green, hope ”… “black - mourning”, etc… Even today, there are companies which use these personality colors tests to know the type of personality of future employee. By this fact, they know if the new candidate has the character for the job. There is a website called, the Dewey color system is the world's only validated color personality test. On this website , job seekers or companies can registered to determine by color test the personality color of an individual ! Which is your true color? Does that color influence your life?, dewey color system, personality color, color career counselor, colour personality test, personality profile tests, personality surveys, personality test color, true color personality, career