The Difference between Online Sweepstakes and Contests

The concept of sweepstakes has gained tremendous popularity because it is now a profitable venture for most business conducted through the internet. However a lot of people mix up online sweepstakes and contests when there is a clear cut difference between the two. Some even confuse sweepstakes with lotteries. You will be saved from big losses if you are able to differentiate between online contests and sweepstakes.

Online sweepstakes are done to enhance customer sales through the giving away of prizes which could range from a dollar to flashy cars, lavish apartments and vacation trips. In sweepstakes the winner is chosen from random and does not depend on your performance or merit. The key element here in winning is luck and nothing else. Moreover, there is no need to pay any money in order to register with online sweepstakes. Lotteries are only legal if they are conducted by the government and people have to buy for an opportunity to win.

On the other hand, contests are based on some kind of merit or skill. The winner in contests should have displayed some unique attribute or skill like writing the best articles, funniest slogan or doing the tastiest or quickest recipe. These contests could include kid contests, cooking contests and writing contests.
These days it has become very easy to enter sweepstakes. There is therefore the need to go through all the necessary rules and regulations of sweepstakes to determine whether there are any strings attached. You should not be forced to purchase the company’s product after taking part in the sweepstakes. A good one should be able to give you something without demanding anything from you. In the United States private lotteries are prohibited. A lottery has three basic features. These include winners selected at random, prizes and consideration. A legal or correct promotion will not have considerations. Sweepstakes therefore must always have the first two characteristics and not the last one to prove that they are legitimate.

These days there easier ways to register with free online sweepstakes and contests. You can easily find one when you search in Google. You will discover thousands of them which offer fantastic prizes. There are however some which are scams and these are on the increase in our times. They should not ask for confidential information like your bank account or credit card number which depicts a fake one.