www.bluezones.com good habits for good health

What is www.bluezones.com ? Well It's a community website about peoples health. They claim that they developed a program to help people feel better, look younger, and avoid 70% of dangerous diseases. No pills, no supplements needed. The only way It's to change our lifestyle. How it works ? Well they got specialists scientists travelling around the world to find regions where people live the longest and healthiest lives. They're doing researches by analysing factors in those regions to determined why people live longer. And most of the time it's about the their region, their food or what they drink. An example, in Sardinia, Italy most of the inhabitants lived over 100 years old , their secret is in the wines they drink, It containing high level of antioxidants. The secret it's all about our habits. They say that the average American could live up to 14 more good years by putting these habits to work. bluezones.com

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