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OWN Network Oprah Winfrey - Many were surprised about the new Oprah Winfrey Network-OWN as many did not anticipate her to make such a move. It is after the news settled in that they thought that this was actually something that was bound to happen. Many are expecting the new network to be a successful brand as Oprah never does anything unless she is sure that she can do it excellently. This is the secret to her success.

Oprah who is famous because of her Oprah Winfrey talk show has been a dream of running a 24/7 television network for about 20 years. She is now planning to turn her dream to a reality. She says that it has been part of her plans to share her media approach and all time influence. Oprah no longer wanted to be within the limits of a show, a magazine and even a website that is updated continuously. What she wants is her fans who want to know more about the new Oprah Winfrey Network-OWN to see her anytime they turn on their television sets.

This is her way of doing that. The name of this new is OWN which stands for Oprah Winfrey Network is appropriate because if she keeps this up with it, Oprah will own everything about it. The media personality announced on Oprah site that she and Discovery Communications are announcing plans to create OWN. The new media venture shall be designed to inform, inspire and entertain. OWN targeted a home viewership of 70 million on what was Discovery Channel

The venture also included a digital platform Oprah com OWN. Oprah is worth more than $2.5 billion but she does not derive motivation from money alone. She wants to be an influence and agent of change. Oprah also wants to continue adding something to her heritage. Many are confident that OWN will succeed like other Oprah projects.

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