Symptoms of Lymes Disease

Symptoms of lymes disease - (LD) Lyme Disease is a bacterial infection caused by a spirochete, transmitted by a Tick named Borrelia burgdorferi garrapata that brings, if without treatment, diverse pathological upheavals (Skin problems, arthritis, cardiac, neurological and, sometimes, ocular). This spirochete is similar to which gives the syphilis, on the other hand in the plan of the two serological diseases give crossed reactions. It is one of the most frequent locally disease in America. The disease is transmitted to human by the garrapata of the Ixodes species. East Ixodes term comes from the Greek Ixodes that means sticky; Like glue this is a resulting adhesive of the bays called GUI IXOS. That it evokes the stickiness of the Tick in his host, because it is really hard to remove this bug when anchored. Lyme disease prognosis - Here's a link where you will find a list of Lyme Disease Symptoms -

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