The 4 day Diet Introduced by Dr. Ian Smith

The 4 day Diet Introduced by Dr. Ian Smith. The popular and well acclaimed 50,000,000 lb challenge was created by Dr. Ian Smith some time back. It is this same man who is back with what he calls the 4 day diet. What this program does is to tune your mind to be able to eat better. There are about seven different phases or stages you go through. In these phases you vary the kinds of food you eat in every one. Every phase contained here lasts for four days each.

The phase one is the most difficult and constrained phase which requires the highest of discipline. Here what you are doing is that you are radically modifying the way you eat which is just like a cleansing phase. The motive behind this is that you are moving from a clean status and cleaning out your entire system so that you can begin anew. The reason it needs some level of discipline is that you will eventually lose some weight in this process. In the second phase this is where you start to learn new eating habits. Here you will consume natural vegetables and whole grain foods. Sometimes in this process you may feel deprived and it will take some time to get used to. It will show you how to eat healthier and yet still be satisfied.

In the third phase of the 4 day diet it starts getting easier because of the introduction of protein into the diet. On the list will be meals that are lean such as milk, eggs and fish. The next phase is where it gets more relaxing and full of fun. Even though you are not supposed to go overboard, here you can consume as much as you want. You can eat all the bad foods you like for the full four days but ensure that the weight you lost is not restored.

In the fifth phase, you get the chance to a constrained food menu and diet. Phase six is another relaxing one where you are permitted to consume more foods while being less restrictive. The last phase is where it starts being strict again so that you could lose the very last few pounds.

The 4 day diet is suggested for those who have tough times following a particular routine. It is not for those who will like to or enjoy working with schedules.