Ultrasound for Back Pain

This process, Ultrasound for Back Pain is now used by doctors in sport medicine and by physiotherapist in order to help the patients and prevent the relapses of back pain low. Recent research show that the use of Ultrasound for Back Pain Physical therapy ultrasound to identify weaknesses of the back muscles precisely the bottom of the back where people often have pains and to guide them in theirs exercises in order to prevent relapses. The effectiveness of this process is remarkable because it makes it possible to decrease the relapses risk of back pain low more than 50%! Indeed, a patient having already had lumbar pains has 70% of chance to suffer from it again in less than one year, whereas with this technology, the risk falls with less than 35%. This approach has to spread itself during the next years and is already available in the metropolitan region. It constitutes an important advance in the field of back problems.

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