Esthesioneuroblastoma and Euthanasia

esthesioneuroblastoma and Euthanasia : Chantal Sébire, 52 year old woman from France who had esthesioneuroblastoma cancer a terminal illness and which wished to have euthanasia, was found dead Wednesday evening in her residence of Plombières-the-Dijon. This 52 year old woman, with a rare tumor, had claimed a help for euthanasia, in full conscience, to shorten her sufferings. But her request had been rejected by justice. We don't know for the moment the causes of her death. Sebire had suffered from esthesioneuroblastoma, a rare and incurable form of cancer for eight years, developing tumors cancer in her nasal passages and sinuses that distorted her face and caused her nose and eyes to bulge. It is a very rare tumor whose less than thousand cases were brought back in the medical literature research these twenty last years.

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