Popliteal Pterygium Syndrome

On Google Trends search Today this syndrome was very popular. The medical examination says it's a Syndrome of inherited condition with a web in arrears the knee. A pterygium is a winglike three-sided membrane. The popliteal pterygium syndrome could also touch the face, limbs, and genitalia. The syndrome past trough a number of calling name including the popliteal web syndrome.
The list of medical signs and symptoms :
Cleft palate
Syndactyly of toes
Cleft lip
Popliteal web
Lower lip pits
Underdeveloped toenails
Intraoral fibrous band from maxillary to mandibular alveolar ridges
Pyramidal lump of skin on toes
Genital abnormalities
Underdeveloped labia majora
Underdeveloped scrotu
Undescended tes*tes

Ref: Medical Dictionnary