Supreme Protein

Jory Malone gives partial credit to his first place in the Master's Super Heavyweight Division in the First World No Gi Championships to the Supreme Protein bar.
The bar -
1. more premium whey isolate than any other bar
2. six net carbs
What can the bar do for you and me?
Wonders....wonders indeed IF...
1. we have iron-clad discipline
2. we regularly complete rock-hard physical conditioning
3. participate in advanced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training
4. do two work outs each day
5. have intense resistance training
6. work hard to build strength
7. give it our all to build stamina
8. do plenty of cardio
9. have vast reserves of strength and concentration
10. eat no junk food
Just between me and you, if I were to follow the second ten steps, it wouldn't matter a hoot what kind of protein bar I ate or most anything else for that matter.
What do you eat/not eat to complement your training?

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